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Just a guy who enjoys the Souls series who decided to make a blog about everyone's favorite firekeeper slayer.
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    I asked an invader to kindly remove himself from my game and got this incredibly intimidating message

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  • zedotagger:

    More distractions from drawing tilesets…  wait I drew up a brand new tileset just for this mockup, oops.  I think the style I used for the Iron King is way too different compared to the rest of the sprites and tiles.  I also wanted to animate everything, but that’d take up some time that could be better used on drawing stuff for a game I’d make.

    Either way, I like the Souls series a lot.

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  • I think it’s funny that I continue to get new followers and reblogs due to that channeler’s trident gif I posted like a week after Dark Souls II came out.

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    kill the imposter

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  • shindodip:

    'Nother goofy Dark Souls comic: Skeleton Dreams.

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